Monday, 30 September 2013

Landlords beware!

HMRC has announced the latest in their ever- lengthening list of initiatives to get non-compliant taxpayers to confess to their sins!

HMRC estimate that, currently, they are missing out on £500 million of tax, as a result of some 1.5 million landlords failing to declare the income from letting activities.

As in all previous initiatives, there is a “softly-softly” approach for those landlords who come forward and declare tax owed from earlier years.  Tax and interest will still be payable, together with penalties – but less severe penalties than if HMRC get to you before you report to them!  

The message is clear – HMRC believe there is a lot of unreported income from lettings and they are using their intelligence software "Connect"to find the landlords who are failing to report their income. 

If you are a resident of the UK, then all of your rental income, even that arising on foreign holiday properties, must be declared and HMRC have found many a non-compliant landlord merely by trawling the holiday property listings on the internet!

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